NexStrategy is a big data accelerator. We provide strategy, technology, training and solutions to enterprises in their big data journey. We help you make sense of your data.

  • Big Data Consulting

    At NexStrategy, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help make your data contribute to the success of your business. Partner with us to accelerate your big data initiatives effectively and economically. We offer advisory services, technology assessment, architecture design/review, prototyping, development and implementation of systems handling large amounts of data. Choosing the right big data technology is a critical issue that has a strong impact on the success of a project. NexStrategy consultants can help you...

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  • Big Data Training

    NexStrategy partners with our clients to provide customized, client-specific training solutions. Our unique training approach provides better internal insights and motivates early adoption of the new solution. This results in a deeper level of accomplishment than traditional training, which enables your organization to achieve results, gain momentum and build critical organization capacity.

    To register for a course, please call (734) 328-6096 or email the NexStrategy’s training team at .

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  • SAAS Big Data Skills Assessment

    NexStrategy's SAAS Big data assessment tools for Recruiting are the perfect addition to your big data hiring process! Use these tools to cut your cost and time in hiring big data experts!

    For details, please call (734) 328-6096 or email the NexStrategy’s SAAS team at .

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Our Team

Our team has worked with companies like Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, and CapGemini with focus on data and analytics. We understand the limitations and challenges that organizations face in the data space. We have been in deep trenches of data and have provided innovative solutions.

In the last few years the whole concentration has been in creating tools for accelerating big data. We have created tools for big data strategy, have developed the training courses for starting and implementing big data initiatives. We have also developed SAAS applications to help recruiting teams hire big data people faster and at lower costs!

There are so many Big Data Technologies in the market. We can remove the confusion and frustration that you may have in choosing the right big data technologies.

We can help you ask - the right big data questions!

We can help you hire - the right big data experts!

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